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About Fabric Depot Supply in Phoenix, AZ

Fabric Depot Supply offers several custom home design options for our customers. Rather than force you to deal with different teams for your designers, installers and cleanup crew, we have all the necessary expertise and materials under one roof, the perfect one-stop shop for the Phoenix, AZ, homeowner.
We have extensive experience with several different types of clients, including homeowners, businesses, designers and more. We've also developed close relationships with some of the finest home improvement professionals in the Phoenix area, including upholsterers, flooring and window installers and fabric manufacturers. We feel an obligation to make our customers' homes welcoming and functional places.


Meet Our Specialists

Fabric Manager

Eva is the go-to gal for all things fabric throughout the store. With nearly ten years of experience, she knows her stuff! She can answer any questions you have regarding fabric, trim, accessories and more.
Design Consultant


Why Choose Us?

Fabric Depot & Supply
We offer our clients the opportunity to schedule an in-home consultation so that we can get a good idea of how to best serve your living space, using our established designers to help residents of all stripes. Whether you've worked with us before or you're a new customer, we'll be proud to put in our hard work and expertise to help you feel at home.

Fabric Depot Supply's huge stock of materials – including over 7,000 rolls of designer fabrics – and one-stop design and installation services make us your go-to choice for either a quick once-over or a total remodel of your home, and our over 20 years of experience has created hundreds of satisfied customers along the way.

Why Choose Us?